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9843 Seashore Highway,
Bridgeville, DE 19933
We are OPEN 5 days / week: 
Monday and Thursday ... 11am to 7pm 
Friday through Sunday ... 11am to 8pm
We are CLOSED on Tuesday and Wednesday
Drive through & walk in customers welcome! 
*Face masks are required for walk in customers*


See What People are Saying about The Frozen Farmer.

It was well worth a visit to their store! The ice cream is delicious, there is a play area outside for the kids, live chickens to look at and the store is very kid friendly. There are step stools everywhere so the little ones can see the ice cream and wash their hands in the bathroom. Staff & owners were so friendly! Great experience!! We will be back!!

Heather Haslam Gilligan

I was pleasantly surprised to finally try this little gem I had been hearing about on Facebook. The icecream store and little farmers market next store are just adorable!! We didn't arrive until late, but the staff was still friendly and helpful even though the market was closing up for the night. I read a review that mentioned gluten free cones, thinking that was too good to be true. But when I got there, they had them front and center!!! The staff was also kind enough to point out all of the flavors that were gluten free! Two waffle cones were $7. Super reasonable price. I will definitely be going back.

Danielle Marie

Cantaloupe Sorbet is one of the best frozen deserts I've ever eaten (and the Honeydew isn't bad either). It will be worth your trip.

Tim Dukes

Love this place! The only thing I don't like is having to make the decision on which great flavor(s) to pick, as everything I've tried becomes a new "favorite". Staff is friendly, place is always clean, servings are a good size, and ice cream is delicious.

Christine Grace

We went to a Family Movie Night, with snacks packed. We saw two families with ice cream and knew we were getting some! 3/4 family members are gluten free, we have never found an ice cream place with gluten free cones until our visit! I can not even tell you how excited my gluten free children were when they saw a cone that they could have!!!! (I'll post a picture!) As for cross contamination (a huge issue for people with true Celiac Disease) we had NONE! - Our server changed gloves and scoopers all w/o being asked! It was amazing! Thank you!

Heather Donohue

Love the Frozen Farmer!! Just had the MOST delicious apple dumpling there! So fresh!!! Steve had pumpkin ice cream and we also found our perfect pumpkin!!!! We will be back soon!!!

Lauren Fritter Freese