Our Story

Proudly grown on our third generation family farm, The Frozen Farmer has taken the farm-to-table trend to a new location - your grocer’s freezer. A proudly woman-owned company led by Katey Evans, The Frozen Farmer was a natural extension of the family’s mission to provide field-grown fruits and veggies, harvested at the peak of perfection, to feed your family and theirs.

It's all in the family

These days, managing a third-generation family farm is tough. There are long hours, a lot of risk, and challenge of meeting the demands and expectations of your customers.

Kevin and Katey Evans know it well, and revel in living up to the challenge every day at Evans Farms, a more than 3,000-acre grain and produce operation. “For me, The Frozen Farmer is an awesome way to preserve my family’s farm legacy,” said third-generation farmer Kevin Evans.

Perfectly Imperfect

More than 20% of the fruits and veggies in America are too ugly to make it off the farm and on the grocery store shelf. For family farms like ours, this means a major loss in profit. One night while kicking around ideas for what to do with all this otherwise wasted fruit, the idea for The Frozen Farmer was born. We could make ice cream and sorbet with fresh fruit from our farm, using the perfectly imperfect produce that tastes delicious despite the way it looks.