9843 Seashore Highway, Bridgeville, DE
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Thursday through Sunday ... 12:00pm to 6:00pm 

About Us

The Frozen Farmer takes the “farm to table” trend to the next level as these farmers really are the chefs.


These days, managing a third-generation family farm is tough. There are long hours, a lot of risk, and challenge of meeting the demands and expectations of your customers. Kevin and Katey Evans know it well, and revel in living up to the challenge every day at Evans Farms, a fruit and vegetable operation where they run an on-farm market.


Although it’s insanely busy, “Summer is our favorite time of your because the farm is revved up to high gear, and the food on our own table is the freshest and most flavorful of the year,” Katey says.


Because the farm is located on the busy beach Route 404 (Seashore Highway), customers often asked if the market sold any cold, refreshing and healthy treats that could be eaten in the car on the drive to the beach. “Every year I had moms asking me if we had anything that they could give to their kids to keep them happy until they reach the beach. Finally one night we were kicking around ideas and it came to us – we could make ice cream and sorbet with fresh fruit from the farm!”


The Frozen Farmer was a natural extension of the family’s mission to provide field-grown fruits and veggies, harvested at the peak of perfection, to feed your family and theirs.


With their roots deeply planted at Evans Farms, The Frozen Farmer brought something new to the table – a fresh approach to frozen treats straight from the field – with their line of homemade super-premium ice cream, nice cream and sorbet.


“The Frozen Farmer is a great marriage of both sides of the family,” said third-generation farmer Kevin Evans, of Evans Farms. “My mother, Beverly Lucks was from a prominent dairy-farming family in Camden, Delaware. My father, Joseph Evans was a second-generation fruit, vegetable and grain farmer. While we don’t have cows on Evans Farms today, we do have strong dairy roots and The Frozen Farmer is supporting all the local dairy farmers throughout the state by using milk base from the local dairy that we’re then combining with the fruit that we grow here at Evans Farms to make a super-premium product that is fresh from field to cup. What’s even better is that we are able to use all of the imperfect produce that doesn’t meet the high standards of our grocery chain customers in our line of products at The Frozen Farmer. This gives us an outlet to turn a profit on the ugly or otherwise misfit produce, making a beautiful and delicious end-product out of it.” 


“The ugly produce that we harvest at Evans Farms requires just as much time and labor to grow, yet it's tossed out because it's not pretty enough to meet the standards of our grocery store and farmers market customers,” said Katey Evans. “Meanwhile, over $1 trillion of food is wasted each year before it even makes it to a consumers table, thanks in part to modern-day beauty standards for food. Just a quarter of this wasted food could be used to feed the entire starving population of the world. At The Frozen Farmer, the ugly fruits, misshapen vegetables, and delicious but imperfectly-sized produce are salvaged at every level as we use them in our line of homemade ice cream, nice cream and sorbet - even fresh pressed juices!”


Katey’s own mother, Jo Ellen, was thrilled with the idea. “Making ice cream is a longtime passion of mine,” she says. “when Katey told me about the idea of creating fresh-from-the-field ice cream, nice cream and sorbet, I know I had to be involved.”


Katey did, too. The pair attended Ice Cream University, where internationally known frozen  confection guru Malcolm Stogo taught them how to make homemade super-premium ice cream and sorbet that is the perfect combination of creamy and smooth. And it’s where the idea of “nice cream” was born.


“We took my passion for ice cream and combined it with the experience Evans Farms has in local produce to make ‘nice cream,’ a product that tastes like traditional ice cream, but with less fat and more locally gown fruit for added nutritional content,” Jo Ellen says.


The Frozen Farmer, a newly minted division of the family-owned and operated Evans Farms of Bridgeville, Del., officially opened June 18th, 2015. The frozen confectionary also has a mobile food truck that caters off-site fairs, festivals, private events, parties and weddings.


Fans of The Frozen Farmer now recognize Jo Ellen as “Momma Jo,” the lady who makes the magic happen in The Frozen Farmer kitchen.


Evans Farms Produce wholesales their local produce direct to nearly a dozen different restaurants in Delaware, over 70 grocers throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., and at nearly a half a dozen off-site seasonal product market locations in Sussex County and Kent county, Del., and at their on-farm market.


The Frozen Farmer and Evans Farms Produce are location at 9843 Seashore Highway in Bridgeville, Del.