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9843 Seashore Highway,
Bridgeville, DE 19933
We are OPEN 5 days / week: 
Monday and Thursday ... 11am to 7pm 
Friday through Sunday ... 11am to 8pm
We are CLOSED on Tuesday and Wednesday
Drive through & walk in customers welcome! 
*Face masks are required for walk in customers*

Our Team

Photo of Katey Evans

Katey Evans

Katey is not only the wife of farmer Kevin; she’s the one who brainstorms many of The Frozen Farmer flavors and product concepts. When she’s not dreaming of ice cream, Katey is putting her degree in public relations to use for the family business. Heading up sales and marketing for The Frozen Farmer, Katey’s involvement includes handling the social media accounts, landing new wholesale customers, securing food truck opportunities, and organizing the events on the farm including outdoor movie nights, farm festivals and birthday parties.

“As a mother to three little girls, I aim to feed my kids the healthiest foods possible,” said Katey. “One of our goals at The Frozen Farmer is to transform the most healthful, locally grown ingredients into the kind of sweet, refreshing treats kids and adults alike will crave. The Frozen Farmer will give consumers a new way to experience where their food comes from while providing them with the highest quality products that pack a hidden punch of vitamins and minerals.”

Photo of Momma Jo

Momma Jo

Jo Ellen Algier, mother of Katey Evans has become locally famous as The Frozen Farmer’s “Momma Jo.” Momma Jo, who has been making homemade ice cream for over a decade, decided to leave her full-time, 35+ year career in the accounting field for her true passion after Kevin and Katey approached her about following her dream and joining the family business full time. Want to know who’s behind your delicious, sweet treats? Look no further. Momma Jo is the one responsible for making The Frozen Farmer’s line of products the best around.

“Making ice cream is a longtime passion of mine,” said Jo Ellen. “When Katey told me of the plans for opening The Frozen Farmer, it fell right in line with my passion for ice cream. Life is too short not to live your dream. I’m living mine everyday when I sweeten up the day of our amazing customers.”

Well done, Momma Jo, well done!

Photo of Kevin Evans

Kevin Evans

Kevin is the third-generation farmer who makes the magic happen in the field. Kevin owns and operates Evans Farms, where he works hard to grow many varieties of delicious fruits and vegetables that are used in The Frozen Farmer’s line of homemade super-premium ice cream, nice cream and sorbet when seasonally available.

“By establishing The Frozen Farmer, we were able to tie in our dairy roots and give our customers yet another way to enjoy our homegrown produce by making it into homemade hand-dipped treats, like ice cream and sorbet when we are in local farming season,” said Kevin, who is also the official taste-tester for all new flavors.