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9843 Seashore Highway,
Bridgeville, DE 19933
We are OPEN 5 days / week: 
Monday and Thursday ... 11am to 7pm 
Friday through Sunday ... 11am to 8pm
We are CLOSED on Tuesday and Wednesday
Drive through & walk in customers welcome! 
*Face masks are required for walk in customers*


Homemade Super-Premium Ice Cream and Milkshakes

You’re going for it – the full-fat, full calorie scoop of happiness. Hey, we’re not judging. (We make this stuff – why would we?) We get it. When you’ve decided to splurge on a sweet, creamy treat, you don’t want to hold back. Neither do we. Our ice cream is THE creamiest, THE sweetest, THE freshest scoop of super-premium dairy deliciousness you’ve ever tasted.

So what does ‘super-premium’ ice cream even mean? Simply put, it means the best around. But if ‘simply put’ isn’t your thing, and the fine details of ice cream making excites you as much as they excite us, then let us ‘wow’ you with the exiting world that is super-premium ice cream. It all starts with something in the ice cream biz we like to call ‘overrun’. Ice cream overrun refers to the amount of air that is whipped into the ice cream while it is being churned and cooled in the batch freezer. The lower the overrun, the creamier, smoother and richer the ice cream tastes! The standard of 50 percent overrun means that the ice cream is made with one part air and to every two parts cream. Super-premium ice cream has an overrun of less than 50 percent. The Frozen Farmer standard is 35 overrun, meaning we only add one part air to every three parts cream. So why should we care how much air is added to the ice cream? Less air means you get that rich, melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that you can’t get anywhere else.

So what about butterfat? To be called super-premium and ice cream’s butterfat must be 14 percent. The Frozen Farmer uses 14 percent locally sourced butterfat from Delaware dairy farmers, giving our ice cream it’s extra rich taste and smooth texture.

That being said, we know that probably what matters even more to most ice cream lovers are the quality of the ingredients and the balance of flavors and inclusions. We pride ourselves on making from scratch the highest quality ice cream using only the finest ingredients – no powders or mixes!  We’ve raised our standards above and beyond super-premium by using milk from only local Delaware dairy farmers, pure cane sugar and natural stabilizers. Now scooch over and hand me a spoon. Less talky, more eat-y.

Sorbet and Sorbet Smoothies

Sometimes the whole is more than the yum of it’s parts. (See what we did there?) Strawberries hand-picked from the fields of Evans Farms are delicious; cut them up, marinate them overnight in pure cane sugar, let them create their own delicious blend of natural syrupy juices, puree them, and then run them through the ice cream machine to churn and freeze them into the perfect, smooth consistency and you’ll swoon. Ripe local watermelon represents the best of the season. Pair it’s sweet refreshing juice with the cool zip of mint? Shut the freezer door! It’s crazy good. Come in for a sample. Enjoy a scoop on the spot. Buy a pint to take home. Or make your favorite sorbet flavor into a refreshing, farm-fresh smoothie! *Sorbet is lactose free, gluten free and fat FREE*

Nice Cream

Yes, that’s right: NICE cream – a decadent, delectable, delightful and delicious blend of our homemade sorbet and super-premium ice cream. Nice cream reduces the fat and calorie content of your favorite frozen treat without sacrificing the flavor. To the contrary, when we blend our homemade fresh sorbet made from farm-picked fruits with out creamy, luscious super-premium ice cream, the result is an epic explosion of flavor. Never heard of ‘nice cream’? That’s because this is a product that is uniquely ours and there’s no place else you can get the original but here, so come taste the difference! 

Farm-Fresh Juices

Nothing beats the heat, quenches the thirst and satisfies the taste buds like local fruits and veggies, hand harvested at the peak of ripeness and whipped into a cold, sweet treat! They might have fun names like ‘Kind of a big Dill’ or ‘Orange You Beautiful,’ but no joke about it, our juices are hands-down the freshest and the best around. After all, we take a gallon-size bag filled with freshly harvested fruits and veggies that we hand-pair together for a delicious blend of vitamin packed goodness and liquidize them down to a 16oz glass filled with pure, sweet nectar that will tantalize your taste buds and fuel your body. Our juices and smoothies feature all-natural ingredients and the primary ingredients are always what’s fresh from the home farm.

Homemade Waffle Cones

I mean, if you’re going to go, go all out, right? Some creameries may boast that they offer ‘homemade’ waffle cones. But what does that mean? Let us break it down for you. You can use a boxed mix, much like a pancake mix and combine it with a little water and call it "homemade." But for us, homemade means we break the egg that came from our own chickens right here on our farm. It means we use the flour, the sugar, the butter, the real deal to get the job done. We don’t take a box of mix and combine it and pour it on a waffle iron and call it homemade. It means we make it from scratch – like everything else we do – done right, right down to the very base ingredient. These cones are crazy delicious and the perfect serving vessel to properly do justice to each and every wonderful homemade super-premium ice cream, nice cream or sorbet flavor you choose. We make them fresh EVERY DAY and we offer gluten free options too! Educate your taste buds about what homemade really means and try our cones today.

*If you have a food allergy and must avoid lactose/dairy, gluten, nuts or other ingredients, please let your server know so that we can take every precaution to help you avoid those allergens.*