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Woman Owned

At The Frozen Farmer our roots run deep. Led by founder Katey Evans and family, we are proud to be a certified Women Owned Small Business with a certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Our business began with inspiration from our family farm where we continue to plant the seeds for connecting us all in a fight against food waste.

More Decadence,
Less Calories

Every one of our decadent recipes are delightfully low calorie and never go out of season. Our delicious sorbets and froberts are made from fruits that may not look perfect but are loaded with farm-fresh flavor. And using misfit fruits supports our goal of helping make a more sustainable food system.

As Seen on
Shark Tank

Ever since The Frozen Farmer first opened, our customers have suggested we pitch the business on ABC's Shark Tank. In March 2020 our dream became a reality when we secured a partnership deal with Lori Greiner.

Our Flavors

From creamy froberts to decadent sorbets, indulge guilt-free! Every flavor has the farm-grown fruits you love, packed into a frozen dessert you'll crave.

Watermelon Sorbet

The sweet, delicious taste of watermelon fresh from the vine is like a sunny, summer day all year ‘round! With just the right balance of delicate watermelon and no added sugar for all the enjoyment and none of the seeds!

Honeydew Sorbet

The delicate flavor of honeydew melon fresh from the farm is sure to delight. This creamy, refreshing sorbet has all of the indulgence without the dairy and calories!

Strawberry Sorbet

Light, fresh and full of fruit, this mouthwatering sorbet captures the taste of summer in a scoop. Bursting with berries and no added sugar for a delightful treat that’s full of flavor, with zero fat, dairy or gluten!

Double Chocolate Cherry Frobert™

This dark, decadent treat is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Loaded with sweet, ripe cherries and chunks of creamy white chocolate, it’s ultra-indulgence without the guilt.

Orange Cream Frobert™

The taste of fresh, squeezed oranges and creamy, dreamy vanilla for the iconic flavor of orange cream. Best of all you can enjoy this sunny surprise guilt-free with only 270 calories in a 16oz pint!

Cherry Sorbet

Sweet with just the right amount of tang, this cherry sorbet will transport your tastebuds to the warm days of summer, when our plump, red cherries are perfectly ripe. Satisfy your sweet tooth with all the flavor and vibrancy of this velvety blend with zero fat and no gluten, yet full of natural flavor and vitamins, just like the cherries it’s made of.

Peach Sorbet

Luscious peaches picked at the peak of ripeness will capture the essence of the orchard in every delicious bite of this sweet and juicy sorbet. With no added sugar, zero fat, and only 70 calories in the entire pint—this dairy free delight will make life peachy, without the pit. Guilt free, gluten free and oh so satisfying—just how we like it!

Mango Sorbet

Ripe and juicy, this sweet mango delight is a tropical escape in a pint. Packed with fresh, juicy mangos, no added sugar and just 70 calories, enjoying our Mango Sorbet is a guilt-free way to find yourself on island time! There’s no peeling required, just pass a spoon and prepare to eat the whole pint!

Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet

The classic summertime beverage we all know and love just got even more refreshing and sweet. Our Strawberry Lemonade sorbet is a pint of frozen flavor that’s delicious to the last drop. Now a fat-free sorbet, our Strawberry Lemonade tastes like it's made from sweet, sliced strawberries straight from the farmer’s field and hand squeezed from lemons fresh off the tree. Tangy, yet sweet, this refreshing treat is free from gluten and dairy and only 80 calories per pint!

Raspberry Sorbet

Sweet and silky, this rich raspberry flavor will transport your taste buds to the raspberry patch for a fresh-picked taste blended into a smooth puree without the dairy or added sugar. Satisfy your senses with a berry rush fresh from the farm. With zero fat, no gluten, and only 90 calories in the whole pint—decadence has never tasted this sweet.

Apple Pie Frobert™

There’s no baking required with this Apple Pie Frobert™ made from our signature blend of sorbet and ice cream. With less fat, sugar, and calories than traditional premium ice cream, this Frobert™ flavor is perfection in a pint with a crispy oat crumble inspired from our mama’s homemade recipe of America’s favorite dessert.

Barbie Freezer Squeezers

Barbie Freezer Squeezers bring the classic combination of refreshingly tart, real lemon juice
perfectly sweetened with ripe strawberry puree for a sweet treat made with simple ingredients
that the whole family will love. Freezer Squeezers are fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan

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